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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warning - They are Out There!

On theSBC Voicesblog last night I ran across (or got ran over by) one of the most angry, aggressive, and belligerent, Anti-Calvinist I have come across in a long time. I post this not because this person said anything new, (I have heard all this before) but I post this because of my growing concern that such “hate” is being fostered in the SBC by those who hold conferences in order toAddress Calvinism in the SBC”.

This person posted under the name of Jeannie and left no means of contact (note, Jeannie is probably not this persons real name). This person came in late on the discussion (comments #44, #47) but wasted no time in making his/her belligerent views toward Calvinism known.

Comment #44

Jeannie 11.18.08 at 9:45 pm

The best thing a church can do is preach the Gospel of God, not the gospel
of John Calvin. Since they’re the opposite, the choice should be easy to the one who ‘believes’ the Word (God) is Sovereign (the truth).

It hard to believe that God was Sovereign to Mr. Calvin when in his opinion (judgment) of the Word at
John 6:29, he says, “First, it is plain enough that Christ does not speak with strict accuracy, when he calls faith a work, just as Paul makes a comparison between the law of faith and the law of works,” (See Calvin’s opinion of the inspired Word of truth by Paul at Romans 3:27.)

Unlike Pilate, Mr. Calvin saw fault in the Word (Christ), and reformed (corrected) it/him to fit a faith of his own (that faith ‘is not’ a work to be accounted as merited by a man and rewarded). (See Abraham at Gal 3:6/James 2:23 and Heb 11:6)

Anyway, Calvinism isn’t called the “reformed” faith for
nothing. I for one refuse to have my faith (the Word of God) reformed
(corrected) by any man.

(remainder omitted)

Comment #47

Jeannie 11.19.08 at 12:32 am

Do you believe Calvin practiced doctrines of Grace? If so, you haven’t studied his life. As the sovereign of Geneva, his grace was cruel. Whereas Christ died for the ungodly, Calvin burned them instead.

No Calvinist should complain that he’s not well received in other churches, be they Southern Baptist or whatever. WHAT are they doing in our churches anyway? We don’t want their doctrines and they don’t want ours. As far as our churches go, Calvinists need to mind their own business, like the other Christian cults do.

2 Pet 2:1-3
explains Calvinists in our churches….

Comments Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Jeannie has a wicked heart, for that which she said truly defiles her.

May God have mercy on her.

Dr. Paul W. Foltz

Greg Alford said...

Dr. Foltz,

This person’s “Pure Ignorance” of History, Calvin’s teachings, and the Word of God, is just stunning!

The only thing greater than this person’s Ignorance; is their Arrogance and Belligerent Attitude. When you combine these character traits (Ignorance, Arrogance and a Belligerent Attitude) you get a very dark and ugly soul.

I understand that there were more than a few of these “Aggressive” or “Hyper” Anti-Calvinist at Jerry Vines John 3:16 Conference in Atlanta. And instead of being convicted for their sin by those who spoke at this Anti-Calvinist Love-Fest I am sure they came away feeling quite justified in their Hatred of all things Calvinistic.

Grace Always,