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Saturday, November 29, 2008

More on the Anti-Calvinism in the SBC

Follow this link to read:
More on the Anti-Calvinism in the SBC

Just a reminder to Jerry Vines, Johnny Hunt, SWBTS, NOBTS, and all Southern Baptist… Our Non-Baptist Evangelical Christian Brothers are watching and listening to what our Seminary Professors and Denomination Leaders are saying.

Are you embarrassed yet? I Am!

Someone needs to tell these guys to STOP this war on Calvinism before serious and lasting damage is done to the SBC and the Evangelical Community as a whole.

Grace Always,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Old, Angry, and Arminian!

“Old, Angry, and Arminian” accurately describes how many Calvinist in the SBC view those who gathered at the now infamous John 3:16 Conference, sponsored by Jerry Vines Ministries and hosted by the President of the SBC, at First Baptist Church Woodstock Georgia. “Old, Angry, and Arminian” may seem like a provocative title, however seeing that the John 3:16 conference was itself provocative toward the Calvinist of the SBC, I am of the opinion that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Yes, yes, I know these men do not claim to be Arminian; however “Old, Angry, and Pelagian” just does not have the same ring to it as “Old, Angry, and Arminian”. :-)

Dr. Allen, speaking at this conference is quoted as saying “Should the Southern Baptist Convention move toward 5-point Calvinism, such a move would be away from, and not toward, the gospel.” This statement was received, by the ‘cool-aid-drinkers’ who paid good money to hear this kind of diatribe, with a standing ovation. A standing ovation… let that sink in. These guys are; passionate, aggressive, and yes hyper anti-Calvinist. The new generation of Calvinist in the SBC has been described as “Young, Restless, and Reformed”. Those gathered at this conference came off as “Old, Angry, and Arminian (Anti-Reformed), and I’m of the opinion that their ongoing war against Calvinism will not end well for the SBC.

Let me be very clear in saying that Dr. Allen is “Dead Wrong” in his analysis of what a return to 5-point Calvinism would mean for the SBC. In truth, should the Southern Baptist Convention move away from 5-point Calvinism, as Dr. Allen suggest, such a move would be away from, and not toward, the Gospel at all. Actually the SBC moved away from 5-point Calvinism at the turn of the 19th century and embraced a; Semi-Pelagian, Decisional Regeneration, False Gospel. And today in the SBC we have children being baptized in fire trucks with all the lights flashing and the bells ringing, and children at VBS putting their pictures in the basket marked “Heaven” instead of the burning barrel marked “Hell” and then told they are now saved. No, Dr. Allen we have seen what a move away for 5-point Calvinism produces and we want nothing to do with it.

I am in full allegiance with Spurgeon when he says“Calvinism is the Gospel!” And when you take any one of the 5-points away you diminish the Gospel and in truth you have no Gospel at all… what you have is Semi-Pelagianism or full blown
Pelagianism, both of which have been condemned as preversions of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (heresy).

More than a few bloggers have posted reviews of this conference; for their views see:
(Andrew Lindsey, John Mark, Timmy Brister, and Justin Taylor).

Grace Alwasys,

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Warning - They are Out There!

On theSBC Voicesblog last night I ran across (or got ran over by) one of the most angry, aggressive, and belligerent, Anti-Calvinist I have come across in a long time. I post this not because this person said anything new, (I have heard all this before) but I post this because of my growing concern that such “hate” is being fostered in the SBC by those who hold conferences in order toAddress Calvinism in the SBC”.

This person posted under the name of Jeannie and left no means of contact (note, Jeannie is probably not this persons real name). This person came in late on the discussion (comments #44, #47) but wasted no time in making his/her belligerent views toward Calvinism known.

Comment #44

Jeannie 11.18.08 at 9:45 pm

The best thing a church can do is preach the Gospel of God, not the gospel
of John Calvin. Since they’re the opposite, the choice should be easy to the one who ‘believes’ the Word (God) is Sovereign (the truth).

It hard to believe that God was Sovereign to Mr. Calvin when in his opinion (judgment) of the Word at
John 6:29, he says, “First, it is plain enough that Christ does not speak with strict accuracy, when he calls faith a work, just as Paul makes a comparison between the law of faith and the law of works,” (See Calvin’s opinion of the inspired Word of truth by Paul at Romans 3:27.)

Unlike Pilate, Mr. Calvin saw fault in the Word (Christ), and reformed (corrected) it/him to fit a faith of his own (that faith ‘is not’ a work to be accounted as merited by a man and rewarded). (See Abraham at Gal 3:6/James 2:23 and Heb 11:6)

Anyway, Calvinism isn’t called the “reformed” faith for
nothing. I for one refuse to have my faith (the Word of God) reformed
(corrected) by any man.

(remainder omitted)

Comment #47

Jeannie 11.19.08 at 12:32 am

Do you believe Calvin practiced doctrines of Grace? If so, you haven’t studied his life. As the sovereign of Geneva, his grace was cruel. Whereas Christ died for the ungodly, Calvin burned them instead.

No Calvinist should complain that he’s not well received in other churches, be they Southern Baptist or whatever. WHAT are they doing in our churches anyway? We don’t want their doctrines and they don’t want ours. As far as our churches go, Calvinists need to mind their own business, like the other Christian cults do.

2 Pet 2:1-3
explains Calvinists in our churches….

Comments Anyone?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Voddie Baucham on The SBC and Calvinism

Voddie Baucham has posted an article titled “The SBC and Calvinism: A Personal Perspective”.

Voddie writes of his fall from grace with the powers that be within the SBC “I was still part of the gang. That is, until I came out of the closet. No... I’m not gay. It’s far worse than that. I’m a Calvinist! That’s right, I’m a fire-breathing, TULIP believing, five-point Calvinist. That, my friends, is the unpardonable sin in contemporary Southern Baptist life…”

If you still believe that there is not a war being waged by the powers that be in the SBC against the Calvinist of the convention then don’t take my word for it… go read Voddie’s article for yourself.

Grace Always,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Calvinism in the SBC- An Open Letter to Johnny Hunt and Jerry Vines

Todd Burus has written an Open Letter to Johnny Hunt and Jerry Vines concerning the wisdom of the John 3:16 Conference...

This letter was written on October 6, 2008 and what has Todd heard from the President of the SBC and Jerry Vines... "Crickets"

That in itself is very telling about these two men...

You can read Todd's letter here: Calvinism in the SBC- An Open Letter to Johnny Hunt and Jerry Vines

Also we have learned that both the Founders Ministries and Rc Sproul's Legonier Ministries requested booth space at this conference and were turned down. What does the President of the SBC have to say about this extremely un-courteous if not openly hostile behavior by either the staff of First Baptist Church Woodstock Georgia or the staff of Jerry Vines Ministries? Whichever staff was handling this event Johnny Hunt is responsible as it was held at his Church under his authority.

The more we learn about this John 3:16 Conference the more one must question the wisdom of all those Calvinist who voted for Dr. Hunt to become President of the SBC?

Grace Always

A Seminary Student’s Thoughts on the John 3:16 Conference

JohnMark has put up a short yet excellent summary of what the John 3:16 Conference held at Johnny Hunts Church in Woodstock Ga. was really all about…

I was going to write a post on this Conference, but for some reason I never got around to it… probably because I am soooooooo tired of all this “Hatred” of Calvinism coming from these Anti-Calvinist... Particularly Jerry Vines!

A quote form James White:

“If you can evangelize, call men to Christ, believe in common grace, etc., and still end up smeared by the "hyper" name, then clearly the debate has devolved down to a level beneath what is proper for believers.”

As I have commented on other blogs, I am pretty much through with these guys and I do not intend to ever again attend an event or conference where a single one of them are speaking, nor will I ever recommend SWBTS or NOBTS as a good choice for a young man or woman to attend seminary. And I plan to be around for a least another 40 or more years, so I hope to be advising the next generation of where to attend Seminary for many years after the above mentioned Anti-Calvinist are long gone home to be with the Lord.

Anyway, here is the link to the excellent summary of the John 3:16 Conference… you really should go read it.

A Seminary Student’s Thoughts on the John 3:16 Conference

Monday, November 03, 2008

Florida Baptist Giving in Freefall

As bad as the 2.5 Million (or 7.8%) decline in total giving for the first six months of 2008 is; many fear that the financial outlook for the Florida Baptist Convention is going to get much worse in the months ahead. Knowing that the economic downturn has gotten much worse than it was during the first six months of 2008, I think one can safely assume that the Florida Baptist Convention is in for some very hard times ahead.

If giving stays at the current level the Florida Baptist Convention could see its total giving shrink by an astonishing 5-Million by the end of the year. However, considering the shape of the economy I think everyone is expecting the finial shortfall to be well over the 5-Million mark.

But is all the blame for this dramatic downturn in the churches support for the Florida Baptist Convention solely due to a poor economy? I think not!

Under the Fundamentalist leadership of John Sullivan the Florida Baptist Convention has offended and alienated scores of Baptist Churches in Florida who, while some have cut giving through the Florida Baptist Convention out altogether, many are now deciding that during hard times the Florida Baptist Convention is not a top priority for them.

When the chips are down you find out who your friends are and the Florida Baptist Convention and John Sullivan are finding out that they do not have as many friends in Florida as they believed, or even as they once had in years past.

While not solely responsible for this historic downturn in lack of support for the Florida Baptist Convention, the continued sport of “Calvinist Bashing” by high level executives of the Florida Baptist Convention and the personal hobby of “Narrowing the Parameters of Cooperation” by John Sullivan have, in my opinion, played a significant role.

Grace Always