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Monday, January 10, 2011

NYC: A dangerous place for the unborn

NYC: A dangerous place for the unborn

"41% of all NYC pregnancies end in abortion"

The number of children being murdered in their mothers’ wombs in the city of New York is just staggering!!!

The cold hard truth of what we are allowing to take place in this nation is nothing less than: “The Genocide of an entire Generation of American Children.”

The reality of this ongoing slaughter of innocent babies is so horrific to me that as I write this post I am physically sick… I am torn between praying for God’s mercy for these children, or for God’s wrath upon these mothers…

I simply must stop writing at this point and spend some time in prayer to try and get my emotions under control…

Grace for the Journey,



LeAnn said...

This makes me very sad!!

Greg Alford said...

LeAnn, Yes... 41% of all NYC pregnancies ending in an abortion should make everyone in America very sad!

That this is not the Headline in every Newspaper and TV News show in America demonstrates that our society now accepts this "Culture of Death" as "Normal"...

If you've ever wondered what God's judgment looks like upon a people, you need not look any further... God has given these people over to a reprobate mind that they may destroy their own legacy upon the earth.

I am very sad indeed!