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Friday, January 21, 2011

Idaho GOP gets ready to nullify health care reform

Idaho GOP gets ready to nullify health care reform

For those of you who have yet to fully grasp the depths of the division in the States caused by President Oboma and the Democratic leadership in Congress's forcing an unpopular healthcare mandate upon an already unhappy citizenry, just read the article in the link above.

For many years now the Federal Government in Washington D.C. has imposed it's will upon the people, and a storm of resentment has been building for generations. Successive Congresses have passed laws that the people did not want, but were powerless to stop. Federal Judges have set themselves up as "Lords of this land" and made a mockery of our constitution by declaring it contains such things as the right for a woman to murder her unborn children, and that the Taxpayer must pay for it no matter their personal convictions. The great lie of evolution is mandated in our schools, prayer is banned from our ball games, and homosexual marriage is forced down our throats.

“We the people” have had enough!

Have you ever wondered why the Founding Fathers of this great nation went through all the trouble to write a constitution in the first place? The purpose of the constitution is really quite simple, and something that President Oboma appears to not understand or appreciate… The constitution was designed to “PROTECT the Citizens” of this great nation from its “Federal Government”.

The Founding Fathers feared an all powerful Federal Government and they had good reason to do so, for they had seen with their own eyes what an out of control Federal Government could do to its citizens and they did not want their children and their grandchildren subjected to live a life that was little more than being slaves to the Federal Government. They wanted to insure that their children and their grandchildren would “Live in FREEDOM”… So they set down and drew up a constitution to limit the power of the Federal Government to intrude upon the rights and freedoms of the citizenry of this nation. It is this constitution that President Oboma, Congress, and the Federal Judiciary have trampled underfoot, and in doing so they have become the very thing our Founding Fathers feared the most.

“We the people” have had enough!

So how are we as Christian Citizens to respond to the storm of political upheaval that we now find ourselves in the midst of? (1) We are to remember that God is ultimately in control and not man. (2) We are to conduct ourselves in such a manner as to always bring honor to Christ. (3) We should not be afraid to be politically involved. To: vote, donate money, volunteer as a campaign worker, register your family and friends to vote, etc., etc., etc. After all our Founding Fathers, were almost to the man, men of great faith and it is precisely because of their great faith that they fought for the freedoms we now enjoy.

If you have not seen this picture and read the comments of the artist please do so… "The Forgotten Man"

Grace for the Journey,

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