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Friday, December 12, 2008

Calvinist Blasphemers

Recently I ran across a comment by one of those “Angry Anti-Calvinist”, who is ashamed to give his real name, while reading an article on Timmy Brister’s Blog that exemplified for me the impact, and danger to the SBC, of having prominent SBC Leader host and participate in such events as the recent John 3:16 Conference.

rey Says: December 11, 2008 at 10:32 pm

Cooperate with Calvinists and you make converts to ATHEISM, not Christianity. Going around telling people “Our god held a lottery and you lost–go burn now for his glory” can’t make Christians, only Atheists and Calvinist blasphemers.
I then followed the link to this “Angry Anti-Calvinist’s” Blog where I was treated to the following comment by rey/beowulf2k8:

A Hyper-Calvinist is a Calvinist who admits to believing what all Calvinists believe. A regular Calvinist is a Hyper-Calvinist trying to convince non-Calvinists by lies that he doesn’t believe what all Calvinists believe. All Calvinists believe that their god is the author of evil and that this god causes each and every sin that is committed then punishes the puppet for doing what he made it do, but that he also arbitrarily elected some puppets to escape punishment for what he made them do.

Posted by beowulf2k8 at 7:07 PM

How in the world can any Calvinist cooperate with this kind of an attitude? For cooperation to exist and flourish in the SBC there must be at the very minimum some decorum of civility, and acceptance of the views of the other side. What I see coming from the Anti-Calvinist is no desire for acceptance and cooperation with Calvinist, but instead only Anger, Rejection, and a strong desire to Exclude Calvinist whenever possible.

If this is the kind of attitudes that
Jerry Vines Ministries is producing in the SBC then we are indeed headed for some very troubling days ahead.

Grace Always


volfan007 said...


You are really hyper sensitive. Has Jerry Vines ever said anything like what this anonymous poster has said? I mean, really? Did Jerry Vines teach this poster this kind of belief? What proof do you have?

Also, "Calvinist BLASPHEMERS?" Blashpemers? Can we all say sensational and sensitive to the Nth degree?

Come on, Brother, this kind of stuff is more divisive than what the anonymous guy said.


Unknown said...


Did you hear the young man at the Conference who said that he was "saved" out of Calvinism? And that God has nothing to do with that kind of thinking (Calvinism)?

Did you hear Jerry Vines stinging rebuke of this young man? No? Why is that?

Do you consider the John 3:16 Conference divisive as well, or is it only divisive when someone post on the attitude and comments of those who are feed a steady diet of Anti-Calvinism rhetoric by the likes of Jerry Vines?

David, when I read your rebuke of Jerry Vines for being divisive in the Convention I will take you serious, but until….

Grace Always,

Larry said...

I have been watching the dvd's on John 3:16, I am so thankful for the men that teach the Doctrines of Grace. If I had to sit under the men who taught at John 3:16 it would be most depressing. We "know" the truth and the "truth sets us free, and we have great joy. It does not bring glory to the Trinity for this type of attitude in the Christian Church. Keep up the good work and do not let these men get to you. Blessings

Unknown said...


Thanks for the encouragement brother…

I must confess that the inability of other side of this debate to call their colleagues on the carpet for their often divisive behavior (Anti-Calvinist comments, articles, and conferences) that give licenses to such comments as made by this Rey fellow is most wearisome.

Grace Always,

Batchap67 said...

I've just returned from 8 months in Afghanistan where men routinely kill those who believe differently than they do.

It's great to be back in a country where men who disagree on certain doctrines can still worship together... or can they?


Unknown said...


Thank you for your service to our great country and the defense of our Liberties, including our “Religious Liberty”.

If you are ever in Ponce de Leon, Florida lunch is on me… anytime. And yes, I do not need to know, or even care what you believe on all these second and third tier issues, you are welcome to worship with me.

Grace Always,