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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Gay Agenda's Assault on Religious Liberty

The Baptist Press is reporting today that N.Y.'s new Gay Marriage law makes no provision to protect the Rights of an "Individuals" Personal Religious Liberty: (See B.P. article here)

In fact, this new law all but guaranties that the Religious Liberty rights of private business owners and their employees in certain businesses in the state of New York will be… “Voided” by activist Liberal Judges in the state. The B.P. article linked to above reports “if you have a private adoption agency that is not overtly religious but believes they want to adopt kids out only to moms and dads -- they're not covered.”

The B.P. article goes on to say: “It does not protect, for example, a bed and breakfast owner who is using their own private personal property in the type of intimate setting that a bed and breakfast is. It does not protect licensed professionals. For example, it does not protect counselors. It also does not protect lawyers -- you may have a family law attorney who does not want to do a same-sex divorce because of their deeply held religious beliefs. It does not protect fertility doctors who may have a strict belief and only want to help [heterosexual] married couples because they believe a kid deserves both a mom and a dad.”

In other words, it does absolutely nothing to protect the “Personal Religious Liberty Rights” of the private citizen of the state of New York.

In seeking to grant “Special Rights” to one group of its citizens, the State of New York has chosen to strip another group of its citizens of their rights to say no based upon their personal religious objections. I wonder what the founding fathers of this nation would say, not to the issue of Gay Marriage, but to the assault on the "Religious Liberty" of the "Private Citizen" that this new law represents.

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