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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dr. Mohler (vs) Peter Lumpkins: Do the Clothes make the Man?

Dave over at SBC-Voices appears to have gotten a little squeamish over me and others raising the issue of Peter Lumpkins (P-Lump's) appearance and dress at the SBC convention last week. So I will post it on my blog where I have no issue with such a discussion taking place.

I have always been told that how a man dresses says a lot about the man, and that both men and women dress to communicate a message to those who see them.

Watch the following video and tell me what your response is to the dress, appearance, and demeanor of both men.

YouTube - Al Mohler Responds To Peter Lumpkins


Anonymous said...

Dr. Mohler looks and sounds sharp, but who is the looser asking the question from the convention floor?

Greg Alford said...


That would be the infamous sharp dresser and blogger Peter Lumpkins (P-Lump).

Anonymous said...

Jesus himself was marred and not pleasing to look at who said you shouldnt worry about what kind of clothes to wear. So last man I want to listen to is one donning the armani. By the way, Mr Lumpkins either has an amazing speech writer or he has a brain.

Greg Alford said...

Anon #2,

You said:

"Jesus himself was marred and not pleasing to look at..." Well, now that you mention it, "marred" certainly sums up (P-Lump's) appearance at the convention.

It is just my casual observation, but old (P-Lump) looked really bad, nothing like the picture on his blog which must have been taken 20 years ago or something. Honestly, the man looked like he just came off a 3-day binge and could have used a haircut, a shave, and a good nights sleep. Now that's just my opinion, but if someone want's to be taken seriously they should dress like they actually care.

Again you said:

"By the way, Mr Lumpkins either has an amazing speech writer or he has a brain."

Cough, Caugh,... Yea, that dribble was really great! You can tell by the applause it received from the convention... No, wait the applause was for Dr. Mohler? Yea that's right!

I am sure "he has a brain", now if only he can remember where he left it? LOL :-)

Honestly, your attempt to defend (P-Lump) here is pretty pathetic... Everyone can watch the video for themselves and make up their own mind on this, and unlike the comments on his blog that he deletes to try and hide the fact that he gets crushed in debate quite often, the video will remain as public evidence to his utter incompetence.

So tell me Anon #2... Just why do you think Southern Baptist should listen to this Ex-Pastor/Dropout?

Anonymous said...


While I have no previous knowledge of either man I wanted to give a small opinion on your post.... Do the clothes make the man? While I dont want my pastor looking like a begger I still dont think the clothes make the man. I currently sit under a pastor who has only wore a sports coat and shirt and never a tie. Never have I seen him in anything else except at the grocery store. So does that mean I should find a pastor who wears armani? I am not defending any past actions for either man in the video. Im only commenting on the question you posed. However, I threw two comments in there for your enjoyment and to get a response. Im sure the applause is always reserved for the Dr.. Also, I think the SBC will do just fine without PLUMP but do you really think his question was an incompetent one?

Greg Alford said...

Anon #2,

"While I have no previous knowledge of either man..."

Are you a Southern Baptist? Because if you are I find this comment rather puzzling... How could you as a Southern Baptist not know who has been the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for the last 20 years?

OK, here is the setting... you have come to the Annual Southern Baptist Convention. You have paid a good sum of money to get here (flight, room, food). You clearly have come with an agenda that is important to you, or you would not have been reading from your prepared notes. You will be addressing the Messengers, Pastors, Professors, Convention Executives, and the SBC Leadership. Clearly you are not just out for a cup of coffee... So, don't you think that if this is such an important issue to you that you would at the very least comb your hair, shave, and put on a nice shirt?

What (P-Lump's) appearance communicates is not a casual approach to personal dress style, but an "I really don't care" attitude toward the Southern Baptist Convention.

Now, an Armani suit is certainly not required for me to take someone seriously, but I would not hire anyone who thought so little of themselves and others as to came for an interview looking like that!

As to his question being incompetent... Yes, I think it was. It really was not a question at all, but an accusation. It was so incompetent that he actually ran out of his allotted time. If he truly wished to ask a proper question he should have simply said "Dr. Mohler, will you please explain and expound upon the following comment you made..." and then read Dr. Mohler's comment that he wanted clarification on.

But, in truth (P-Lump) did not want Dr. Mohler to clarify anything, he wanted to try and create controversy for Dr. Mohler... to try and "Bring the Man Down".... That is really why he was there... and it failed miserably, and old (P-Lump) got thumped!

So yes, his question and his attempt was incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Well it should be puzzling while I am not a SB I am yanking your chain. I read your comments often and just wanted to see if you would beat me up or explain your position. Thanks for your position and keep on keeping on. Tell Juanita someone one has been yanking your chain. I love and miss you both. See you in September.


P.S. I really have no knowledge of either man.

Greg Alford said...

I'v been had... ROF,LOL :-)

Actually Parish... that was a good wake up call for me to always be careful of how I treat people online!

I am now on Facebook, Twitter, and the Blogs so I need a wake up call from time to time...

Juanita & I love and miss you as well, and yes we will see you in September. Actually, I just purchased Juanita an new (used) Land Cruiser to make the journey up north... :-)

Tell Heather we said hi, and we will see you soon....

Anonymous said...

Greg, do you love your enemies? Doesn't sound like you have any love for Peter Lumpkins. Sounds like you relish the opportunity to put him down in front of the public.

I just can't see Jesus Christ doing to His enemies what you have done to Peter Lumpkins in publishin this blog.

Greg Alford said...

Anon #3,

I do not wish to come across in this discussion as being arrogant, angry, or mean spirited… However, neither will I try and hide the fact that I think very little of this man.

One does not need to spend much time in reading what he writes on his Blog (here) to realize that this man relishes in bringing division to the body of Christ in general; and the SBC in particular.

(Romans 16:17-18) gives the body of Christ explicit warning against such men…

17)Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. 18)For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

You may be of a different mind on this matter, and it is your right to do so. However I am of the opinion (and always have been) that those who openly attack and slander the "Man of God" by twisting his words and telling half truths in order to try and make it appear that the "Man of God" has said something, or supports something, that he clearly has not said and clearly does not support... Well, the man that does such a thing does not deserve my respect. Neither will I mince words about it.

Do I love Peter Lumpkins? I love him enough to tell him that he has sinned against Dr. Mohler, and to call him to repentance.

Grace for the Journey,