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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Evolution? It's a Lie!"

“Evolution? It’s a Lie!”

Charles Brock put this on our Church Sign at First Baptist Church of Ponce de Leon Florida two weeks ago and people from out of state (Tennessee, Alabama, etc) have been stopping in our church parking lot to have their picture taken with our sign. I found that just a little unsettling… Have we so bought into the lie of Evolution that no one will even speak out against it in our day for fear of being labeled a religious nut?

Regardless of how you interpret the creation account in Genesis… Evolution is an insidious lie and perhaps the greatest scientific “Hoax” of all time. The falsified evidence in support of this key doctrine of the secular/atheist worldview has been fully exposed and refuted by modern molecular biology and yet we continue to “tip toe” around this issue. Please get “The Truth Project” videos from Focus on the Family and show them to your church, family, and everyone else you can get to watch them. Dr Del Tackett is just awesome in this video series!

Grace Always,


Larry said...

Greg - I have been watching the Truth Project - could you explain how this dvd is better than just going through scripture for a world view???

Greg Alford said...


I would whole heartedly agree with you that the Holy Scriptures are the only sure foundation upon which every man should build their worldview. I firmly believe that Dr. Tackett’s worldview is based upon the Scripture, and what he brings out so powerfully in these DVD’s is the utter foolishness of building your worldview upon the shifting knowledge (science) and opinions (philosophy) of man.

Christians today are constantly bombarded with an endless attack upon the sufficiency of Scripture to build one’s worldview upon. Dr. Tackett addresses many of the sources of these attacks and exposes the erroneous assumptions and flawed logic that the proponents of secular humanism wage in their endless war against the influence of Holy Scripture in our society today.

I hope that answers you question…

Grace Always,

Brent Hobbs said...

I think it's great you had the courage to put the sign up and then keep it up even when you could see some people were mocking it. I'd love to see a picture of it myself - just out of curiosity.

The funny thing is, as much as evolutionary indoctrination has hold in our culture, still over half the people that drive by (if I'm remembering stats correctly), Christian or not, actually agree with the sign. A great testament to the truth of Romans 1.

Greg Alford said...


Charles has taken some hits from some folks in the community who did not like his message on the Church Sign at all... So he is the one who gets the credit for bravery.

I think that I will bring a resolution at the Convention next year that the SBC set aside one week each year to speak out against the lie of Evolution by putting this message on every Southern Baptist Church sign in America for at least one full week. That should give the press something to cover at the SBC convention… :-)

Larry said...

Greg - I wish I could agree with you regarding Dr. Tackett's worldview. After watching the first five tours and also teaching through Romans at a prison in our local area, these men have a clearer understanding of a world view than going through this series ten times. What Romans first teaches is that man does not want God even though God make it evident to them through creation etc. The only reason Tackett's has anything to speak about is the world does not want God. If you wish to help folks show them the truth and they will recognize the false stuff, if they are true Christians. I was in Asheville at a conference a few years back and I listened theologians proceed to tell us about Calvinism etc, and I realized that some academia folks are to proud to listen to the Bible and believe it. They did not interpret the Bible correctly when it came to "how" we are saved. In the real world most folks will not have read or desire to listen to Tackett's presentation. I find his presentation disjointed at best. I would not recommend the series to anyone. This type of presentation should not replace the Bible for our world view - if while you are teaching through the Bible you mention these views for contrast is one thing, but to express these views with a little Bible mixed in, for me does not work. Thanks for the opportunity to sound off. God Bless - Larry

Greg Alford said...

Brother Larry,

I agree with you that Romans teaches that the unregenerate man does not want God even when His existence is evident through creation… and that the teaching of the word of God primary in any formation of a Christian World view.

I do not think that anyone is saying (I know that Dr. Tackett is not) that his DVD’s are to be used in place of the preaching of the Word of God in the local church. I am preaching through the book of ACTS currently, after preaching through the Gospel of John for 4 and ½ years. So I am very committed to the teaching of the Word of God in the local church.

Thanks for the exchange brother… and you are welcome to “sound off” here anytime.

Grace Always,

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foxofbama said...

I recommend two books for the brighter youth in your church, Beta club members, college prep kids or others with burning curioustiy to read Rachel Evans Book Evolving in Monkey Town about what it was like to open her mind to Science at same time engaging an Authentic Christian Pilgrimage; and Marilynne Robinson's Absence of Mind.
Robinson is a Devout Christian and Pulitzer Prize winner.
One does not necessarily prevent the Other.

H G Lundahl said...

You might try a look at my creationist blog:

CREA[tion, -ism]
EVOLU[tion, -ims]

Specifically the links in this message: Letter to Nature Reviews Genetics, not published last time I checked, on Chromosome numbers, as well as these fewer links in this one: Funny How Some Systematically Answer the Wrong Questions