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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Interview with Dr. Albert Mohler

Les Puryear has posted a fantastic Interview with Dr. Albert Mohler current president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a candidate for the SBC Presidency.

Les ask some very direct and important questions concerning the future of the SBC and Dr. Mohler gives some very direct answers. Everyone needs to read this Interview… I think you will be impressed.

Greg Alford


Anonymous said...

Al Mohler signed the Manhattan declaration! I am sorry, but NO Christian would do this or have fellowship with such a person. This man- Ralph Ovadel seems to be the only one left brave enough to speak outon this.

Greg Alford said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am as strong an opponent of the “Error of Rome” as you are likely to find. Yet, I must say that this Ralph Ovadal is dreadfully wrong in this matter! To say that the Manhattan Declaration “ presents and promotes a false gospel as well as apostate religion,” is quite honestly an absurd and ignorant statement! And I have little patience for such foolish statements, and little respect for those men who make them.

I will answer you only this one time concerning this issue…

Is it wrong for those who are yet lost in their sins to ever do what is right in the sight of God? Should a lost man pass by on the other side of the road when he sees a child being abused, a woman being raped, or a man being murdered? Or should he do what is right in the sight of God and help the innocent?

Suppose the child being abused, the woman being raped, or man being murdered is one of your own dear family… Do you desire the Catholic to pass them by and not help them in their time of need because they are Catholic?

No, Ovadal’s is a very dark world where the image of God in fallen man is so disfigured that he cannot do one thing good, however small, in the sight of God.

Grace Always,