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Monday, October 25, 2010


Thanks to "Radical" Judicial Activism, and Bill McCollum, HOMOSEXUAL ADOPTION is now legal in the Socialist Republic of Florida! The Florida Family Policy Council just released the following disturbing announcement.



Gill Decision, Which Now Appears to Be the
Judge-Made Law of the Land in Florida, Elevates the
Adult Desires of a Radical Minority Over what is Best for Children

(Orlando, FL) Today, Friday, October 22, 2010, the Attorney General of the State of Florida, Bill McCollum, announced that his office would not be taking an appeal of the Gill case, which struck down Florida’s long standing prohibition on homosexual adoptions, to the Florida Supreme Court. The Florida Family Policy Council, a leading opponent and legal critic of the Miami Court’s decision, released the following statement:

We are disappointed that DCF, the Governor, and now the Attorney General has failed to take the appeal and defend Florida’s adoption law that rightly seeks to place children in homes with both a mother and a father. We have been in active communication with the Attorney General’s office on this matter and understand there are some legitimate and complex legal issues which have persuaded his office to make this decision. We also recognize that the current 5-2 left leaning make up of Florida’s Supreme Court (directly created by Governor Crist’s recent judicial appointments) would likely have not ruled to uphold the statute either. Nonetheless, for both the sake of legal finality, and the accountability of the judiciary, we believe the appeal should have been taken.
Gay-identified activists will herald the Gill case as some sort of a victory. But sadly, the decision only comes at the expense of the children who the social science research overwhelmingly demonstrates do better in every category when raised by both a married mom and dad. The Court only asked the narrow question of whether homosexual parents “harm” children. The Court never asked what research shows is best for children. Arguably, orphanages don’t “harm” children either, but this is certainly not what is best. The court’s illegitimate decision, which appears to now be the judge-made law of the land, has elevated the adult desires of a radical minority over what is clearly best for children-- namely to be placed with both a mother and a father. The official public policy in Florida is now that two dads are just as good as a mom and a dad, and yet research bears out that this is empirically false.

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For More Information Contact:
Nathan Dunn, Vice President of Public Policy

1 comment:

Greg Alford said...

This is a very sad day for the Children of the state of Florida “who will now be daily exposed to the Sodomite lifestyle.”

I cannot begin to express my sadness for what is being forced upon these children… Let me just say that it is time for Christian families to step up and “Rescue these Children”.

If our Christian Families do not want these children it is clear the Homosexuals will be more than happy to take them… Christian Families should be standing in line waiting to adopt.

Please pray about adopting a child today!!!

Grace Always,