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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pastors and Concealed Weapons

I received an email newsletter from my local association today with the following announcement:
Gully Springs Baptist Church

Pastor Tim Hall, Brother Todd (Holmes Baptist Association DOM), and Brother Eddie Eaton, pastor of West Pittman Baptist Church would like to invite all those interested for a firearm safety / concealed weapons class. Cost of this class will be $25 for materials and training. If you are interested in receiving training for a concealed weapons permit, give Brother Todd a call. Only 7 spots remaining!!!

Brothers this is exactly why I stopped having Baptist Deacons meeting… When things start to get so out of hand that our Pastors must start carrying a concealed weapon in order to defend themselves, and keep order in the church, then it’s time we need to reevaluate what and how we are doing God’s work in the SBC. (wink, wink)

Actually I am thinking about signing up for the class if I have time. This just might become the next big thing in the SBC after 40 days of purpose.

Grace Always,


Darby Livingston said...

I can imagine that a wounded listener is far more captive an audience than a non-wounded one.

Anonymous said...


john said...

I remember hearing Dr. Greg Wills of Southern Seminary speaking on what he found when he was able to look through business meeting minutes from pre-Civil War Baptist churches in Georgia. One recalled a time when deacons had to collect firearms at the church door before the people could enter. Other stories told of duels being fought over unpopular decisions. Reading your blog this time made my mind go back to that lecture by Dr. Wills. It seems to me the more we progress the more we are the same. Interesting post my brother.


Greg Alford said...

Brother John,

I have read stories of Pastors in the old days who would put their pistol on the pulpit as they preached Revival.

But that was long ago... yet today most large churches have paid security at every service. I can honestly say that I have had some characters walk into a service where I was preaching that made me just a little nervous. Sad to say that in the world we now live I think every Church needs a security plan.

Grace Always,

Hal Brunson said...


Thanks for adding Spurgeon's Cigar to blogs you read, and we'll respond in kind; however, I think you need to change the name of your blog to Southern Grits, Sovereign Grace, and Sweet Guns:)

Our church is one of the safest places in Dallas:)

More seriously, viewing your blog today blessed and refreshed my heart. I thank God for you.


Hal Brunson said...

On a more relevant note to the post, we're a small church (100+) but have about a dozen men and women on any given Sunday who carry concealed. In my twenty-two year pastorate there, I can think of three instances in divorce cases, one for an extended period of time, when armed men were strategically stationed in our church. God forbid that we would ever have to use deadly force in the house of God, but pity the fool who would threaten the flock.

Greg Alford said...


“Southern Grits, Sovereign Grace, and Sweet Guns”

Now that does have a sweet ring to it… :-)

My son in Indiana worships at a church where last fall some nut-job killed three people at random in the parking lot before being shot dead by a female security officer.

We live in a fallen, sinful, and dangerous world… Perhaps we need to be reminded that the disciples of our Lord carried swords… and as Peter proved in one instance they were quite prepared to use them. If a member of my congregation was threatened I would not hesitate to use whatever force necessary to defend them.

Thanks for stopping by… it is always good to find another like minded brother.

Grace Always,