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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lords of the SBC

This post is an attempt to name the twenty (20) most influential people in the SBC. This is not a “mud slinging post”, and I am not saying that these individuals are bad people… I am just looking to name those in the SBC today, like John A. Broadus of the past, who wield the most influence in the Convention.

I will start the list with the obvious names of Dr. Paige Patterson and Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

Who do you believe should be on the list?

  1. Dr. Paige Patterson, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

  2. Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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Anonymous said...

Bro Greg,

I will mention two for now.

1. Dr. Thom Rainer, President of Lifeway.

2. Dr. Jerry Rankin, President IMB

I believe this will offer some very beneficial discussion.


Les Puryear said...


Morris Chapman, David Dockery, Paul Pressler, Rick Warren, Roger Moran, and John Floyd.

There are more but I don't want to hog all the names.


Anonymous said...

Johnny Hunt, Danny Akin, Jeff Noblit, Voddie Bauchum

Rev. said...

I'm thinking of those individuals who influence not only SBC pastors, but also SBC people...

- Billy Graham
- Rick Warren
- Joel Osteen
- Richard Land
- Paige Patterson
- Adrian Rogers
- Charles Stanley
- John Hagee
- Johnny Hunt
- Paul Crouch
- Jack Graham
- D. James Kennedy

Rev. said...

Just a follow-up...
I realize my list includes those who aren't "in" the SBC. However, those individuals have great influence "in" the SBC.

G. Alford said...


I think both of those are safely in the top 5.


I think Paul Pressler has retired? (from what I hear, but what do I know?) How about I just replace his name on the list with Les Puryear?

G. Alford said...


Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes... although the last two are still rising stars and have not yet reach their full impact on the SBC. (In my opinion, and this is my blog so I get to have one here.)


What are you saying!!!

Joel Osteen and John Hagee have great influence in the SBC?

That was cold bro... real cold! :-)

Paul W. Foltz DD said...

I CAN'T NAME ONE, FOR I am not in The Southern Baptist Convention.

But I want to say that We need to get our eyes off of men, and put them squarely upon THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.



Anonymous said...

Bro Paul,

No one would would doubt that Jesus is the true Lord and that we should seek Him above all else. However, I believe the intent of Bro Greg's post is to bring to light the impact that these men have had on the SBC through the leadership of the Lord.


G. Alford said...

Dr. Foltz,

I agree 100% with your comments…

It was not my intent in this post to either “slam” or “praise” these men… My only intent for this post was to give us a place to name the men in the SBC who we feel are the most influential in the life of the convention.

Being placed in a position of influence is always accompanied by great responsibility for how we use that influence, but being in a position of influence is not always a bad thing. God rises up men of influence (like king David) for the work of his kingdom… Are they our HEROS? No, but that does not mean that we cannot recognize the work God is doing through their faithfulness.

And, “YES SIR” we need to be careful for as soon as we lift someone up as our Hero, not only can he fall, but I believe he will surely fall.

Grace Always,

Paul W. Foltz DD said...

Dear Bro. Steven,
SOLO DEO. All the glory goes to God.
God is Jealous of His Glory, and will not give it to another.

God will honor those He wants to honor, so we need not try to do it for Him.

Rev. said...

Cold hard reality, my friend. When you speak to the "average" Southern Baptist, and they speak of individuals they listen to for teaching, how often do Hagee and Osteen enter the mix? Often. They listen to Hagee for "end times" perspectives and moral issues and to Osteen for a "positive message." Both, according to many, must be blessed (especially Osteen), because so many people are listening to their messages.

Paul W. Foltz DD said...

John Osteen doesn't believe in preaching against sin, for he says it would give low self esteem.

But man is totally depraved, Osteen doesn't believe that man is depraved, and therefore preaches his so-called worth, which is in reality, nothing.

John Hagee is a charismatic, believing in the gifts which were only given as sign gifts to Israel, until the canon of Scripture was completed.

So these two men are far from what true Baptists believe and stand for.

Anonymous said...

Bro Greg,

W.A. Criswell and Jerry Vines.


G. Alford said...


Sadly, what you say about Osteen and Hagee may be true… But rubbing it in our noses is it is still cold Bro… :-)


Yes, and Yes… both of these make the list.

Grace Always,

Paul W. Foltz DD said...

The average Southern Baptist of our day, doesn't know enough Bible, to safeguard themselves from the wolves of O'steen and Hagee.

Having departed from The Doctrines of Grace,They fall prey for easy believingism, decisional regeneration, and any thing that comes down the pike. That's why they listen to Hagee, and O'steen.

Lee said...

Living and working here in Texas, I will say that both Osteen and Hagee have an influence among Southern Baptists. I would guess that probably half of Osteen's congregation is made up of individuals who have left Southern Baptist churches, and the same can be said for Hagee. We have people in our church who make time in their weekend schedule to be at Lakewood on Saturday night.

I have no real idea about anyone else who is "influentual" in the SBC. It really doesn't matter to me, neither my ministry nor that of the church I serve depends on, or cares about, who is prominent and influential in denominational life.

Rev. said...

See, Lee proved my hard cold point! Sorry, didn't mean to rub anybody's nose in it. ;)

Paul - no disagreement here, my friend.

Alyce Faulkner said...

If you're talking about those having political clout in the SBC entity, I agree.
If you are talking about influencing those on the pew, then none of the above. Most on the pew don't know who Thom Rainer, David Dockery, John Floyd or perhaps even Richard Land is.
In this realm, I would say
Beth Moore,every women's group in most SBC women's groups has attended events and done her Bible studies.

Billy Graham, Most hold him in high esteem
Rick Warren, Who hasn't read Purpose Driven Life
Charles Stanley
TW Hunt- awesome man of God
John Piper
and influencing in my life and the life of my church are Wade and Paul Burleson.

G. Alford said...


Who is Beth Moore? You do realize that we are talking about the SBC on this Blog right? And, that women are not allowed to have the kind of influence in the SBC that you claim this Beth Moore (never heard of the lady) has.

By the way, what are you doing out of the kitchen and do you have your husbands approval to be blogging?


Ok…. Ok… I really can’t type the above with a straight face :-) After a long day that included a flight to Ft. Lauderdale I really just needed to have a little fun.

Of course any list of the 20 most influential people in the SBC must include Beth Moore.

Grace Always,

Paul W. Foltz DD said...

Dear rev, I'M glad we agree on this. Oh if only the eyes of the SBC Leaders would be opened to the danger of Osteen and Hagee. But that is as good as saying they won't, for some are willfully ignorant.

Paul W. Foltz DD said...

Dear Alyce,
When there are no men, God will use a woman, but never in a leadership position over the man. That violates Scripture which says they are not to usurp authority over the man, and remain silent in the churches.

Anonymous said...

Bro Greg,

When can we expect your top 20 list?


Anonymous said...

Lifeway sells "The Shack" and Paige Patterson does not believe in original sin. And there are "most influential" SBC "leaders" So what really is apostasy?

Anonymous said...

''The Shack'' and Patterson's are but two examples of apostasy.
Apostasy is a departure fron or denial of the truth once delivered to the saints.
The Whole SBC Is in apostasy, having departed from The Doctrines of Grace and the doctrines of the Bible.

There is no cure for apostasy but