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Monday, January 22, 2007

Religious Liberty or Legalism at SWBTS?

Let me be very clear on something before you go read theses articles – the controversy surrounding the firing of Dr. Sheri Klouda is NOT about 'women pastors', which would violate the Southern Baptist convention's official confession of faith, the BFM2000. Dr. Sheri Klouda is not ordained. Dr. Sheri Klouda is not a pastor. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary is not a church, it is an institution of higher learning, and Dr. Sheri Klouda was trained by SWBTS and hired by SWBTS to teach Hebrew and not theology.

SBC Outpost has put up a post concerning this very sad event at Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary… Click and read the post “Would you hire this person?”

Wade Burleson has also commented about this on his blog, see: "Sheri Klouda: Gender Discrimination, Federal Law and the Law of Christ in the SBC and SWBTS" and "The Strange Belief that a Woman Cannot Teach a Man the Bible" and "The Sheri Klouda Issue Will Not Go Away Quietly"

Also the BP News has posted an article "Newspaper reports tenure refusal for Southwestern woman prof"

Grace to All...


Lee said...

Not only has this done a disservice to Dr. Klouda, but I'm wondering how many other good professors, regardless of their gender, will avoid considering teaching at Southern Baptist seminaries, and Southwestern in particular, because of this poor, highly visible treatment.

G. Alford said...

I think you are correct Lee... and I fear it will go beyound just professors looking for some other Seminary, I fear many students will do so as well.